The Path of the Sexual Shaman training for practitioners/teachers transforms and enables our “subtle energy” bodies to fully engage another’s luminosity. This energetic approach can be used in conjunction with the professional methods you are already employing.

We all are very familiar with the sexual expressions of procreation, romantic love, and sexual pleasure. We must, however, step outside of our cultural paradigm to understand a fourth realm: energy-merging sex.

Here, orgasm—in all of its energetic forms—is the catalyst. “Energetic orgasms” manifest a primordial, earth-wind-water-fire energy. This is the type of energy that builds our “shamanic infrastructure” and enables us to function through our intent in all dimensions.

Emphasizing the shamanic transformational aspect of our sexual nature with energy merging and energetic orgasms, this training presents a ceremonial approach to energy, wisdom, and intent.

The shamanic transformation process consists of merging our energies with another’s and coordinating-directing-intensifying these energies. In the Path of the Sexual Shaman training, we focus on developing our energetic structures that enable us to do this process and thus transform ourselves and others.

Excerpted from Sexual