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Seattle Sensual Massage

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Jillian Roberts

love letter 1

"And so, every love letter is for you: the one I write at twilight, then at dawn, penned again in that space in between shadow and darkness when my body follows the lead of your memory and my mind will not rest for the wonder that my arms have managed to let you go. You, bright shape-shifter, wanderer, like kind; when you looked out above the black and wished on far away, on points of light, out into the ether you took your wish; I was there. Mine was the star that received the desire of your body, and to your body I return that desire each day, harbored in my hands and in my skin. I have carried you forever in nerve and sinew as though I knew myself beside you before time, and so I sent you back to earth yesterday and the day before and every day before then, wanting more of you, wishing into clay, weaving my wild words into rope and letters that you might pick up the thread and find me here among my star sisters."

~The Love Letter Archives of Toviah

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