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Seattle Massage Services Review
Seattle Massage Services Review

One of the best sensual massages I have ever had…an unbelievable hour 
“After our time together, I walked out like a new person, mentally, physically and spiritually.”

When you are there you feel like the only person in her life 
“...her touch was perhaps a little too exquisite...“

A sensual dream come true 
“The setting of the room and the detail that she has made sure to provide in the room, the ambiance, all made that much more appealing with her ability to turn a sensual massage almost into performance art, is really unique in my experience.“

The way she moves
“Watching her walk away from you or sidle up to you is watching a tigress move gracefully across the room.“

The entire experience just flowed perfectly
“Her beauty has a timeless quality that would fit into any era.“

Her massage is always the perfect medicine to let me relax
“We always have wonderful conversations; she is intelligent and always has a refreshing perspective.“

Our meeting was better than I could have scripted
“The truth is she is more attractive in person than her photos and her eyes are the most romantic.“

Her touch is both soothing and electric
“The time was so truly enjoyable that it flew by at an amazing rate.“

She flows like a lynx when she walks
“She does indeed have a touch of the exotic about her.“

She’s super-hot, crazy sexy, smart, and funny
“I’m a guy who is not only drawn to a specific type, but a specific subset of that type. Parvati operates beyond all that for me.“

This was a wonderfully organic appointment
“Everything just happened naturally and without apparent orchestration.“

She exudes a gentle, alluring sexual energy that draws you in
“...simply the most exotic and sexy woman...“

Her eye contact was incredibly timed
“Exquisite technique, and her exotic beauty only enhances the experience.“

Parvati- The Goddess of Power Reincarnated
“...her touch is intoxicating!!“

There's Something About Parvati
“...I have never felt rushed in a session with Parvati.“

The Un-Massage with Parvati
“This is a brilliant and beautiful lady who is exceptional in the art of temptation.“

Amazing that it Gets Better with Each Visit
“This woman is a master of her art form and an art form is what it is.“

A Visit to Parvati
“Your pleasure is her foremost concern.“

The Parvati Experience
“She is very skilled in the art of sensual touch and having 9 years experience in the massage industry is an added plus.“

Wonderful Indeed, for a First-Timer or Anyone
“From her first hug, being with her really did feel comfortable, like visiting a friend who just happens to have wonderful erotic gifts.“

Parvati the Goddess
“She is great to talk to and very engaging.“

The Enigma that is Parvati
“Parvati is an engaging and gorgeous woman with a heart as big as Texas.“

What a Treat
“She is all about the service and is always fully engaged.“

The Best Sex I Never Had but Wish I Did
“Our time together was soul stirring for me.“

Parvati. Wow!
"...I was so relaxed and refreshed that I was ready for another session right then and there."

Parvati...A Wonderful Afternoon
“Please allow this lovely sprite to dance you to her special place...let go and receive her special spirited gift...“

FBSE...Full Body Sensual Extravaganza!
“She's very conversational and you may find yourself smiling with her (as I did) as she engages you in witty banter.“

A Tantralizing Vixen
“She emanates a mixture of spirituality, intellectualism, and sexuality in such a natural, unimposing manner you feel as though you are lifelong friends.“

Parvati for Tantra or FBSM
“...once she engulfs you with those big, lively eyes she's the most engaging incarnation of sensual femininity on the planet.“

The Olympic Gold for Tantra goes to...
“The ending, when it came, was felt at the U.W. seismology center about 2 miles away.“

Parvati Revisited
“This is a fine and friendly woman who clearly revels in your pleasure.“

A Rainy Day Oasis
“Bottom line, I was floating on a cloud after I left.“

Parvati & “The Brief History of Newbie“
“I left a changed man.“

The Cosmic Goddess Parvati
“During the entire session her face reflected pure passion...“

Tantra with Parvati: The Hot Fudge Sundae of Sensual Touch 
“Sometimes you just can't beat the classics.“

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