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September 21, 2015
"Those eyes are just hynoptizing."

June 23, 2015
"Parvati seems to have found the fabled fountain of youth."

May 9, 2015
"...I felt like I literally handed my body and soul to the beautiful and safe hand of this one of a kind Goddess..."

January 6, 2015
"She greeted me in jeans and some other clothes that i didn't notice after the view in jeans."

January 4, 2015
"Great intellectual conversation with a sexy woman, a nice massage and solid eye contact during the whole encounter."


TRB, beloved board on which my reviews were posted is no longer active. Links to full reviews from 2004-2015 forwarded upon request.

Below are random text and email excerpts along with review excerpts from tnaboard collected from 2016 onward, listed in ascending order.

April 10, 2016
"I feel today was an important day, a kind of milestone. You showed me something new, I experienced something with my body I had never experienced before, something I couldn't claim existed… And today for the first time, I felt it thanks to you. Thank you."

May 23, 2016
"You're even sexier now than when I met you 12 years ago."

July 18, 2016
"Parvati is an intelligent Seattle based tantrika / masseuse who respects thoughtful, polite argument, whether verbal or written. She listens well and supports her positions rationally. Why is this important to me? Intelligence is a turn-on, argument is a turn-on when respectful. These are excellent preludes to physical contact, recommended, try them both. Parvati’s FBSM skills are well developed and it is obvious she is taking good care of her body. She is visually stimulating and a health safety conscious person. Her incall is safe and easy to find from her initial directions. She’s also a cheap date … I drank most of the wine!"

November 7, 2016
"Dearest Ms. P,
What a tantric wonderland you are. Thank you for putting me in the path of bliss where pain evaporates with your sweet tender voice, your cute laugh, and your healing touch. You are a treasure as there is nobody like you in the world since the beginning of time. And your body, omg. It would inspire Michelangelo, Mozart, Shakespeare and all the rest could their eyes had seen what I did today. Thank you for your positive energy and amazing spirit. You took my breath away! I’m grateful to have finally met a goddess. The only bad thing is the time went way too fast."

November 13, 2016
"Who else on this board has a picture of Heifetz on the wall of her studio?"

December 13, 2016
"Amazing! That was the best experience ever! You are beautiful and did a great job making me feel comfortable. Your skills are out of this world.. I left extremely happy!"

February 16, 2017
"Parvati is a true tantric goddess. Warm, funny, engaging and present, her touch is soft, firm and undeniably loving."

March 7, 2017
" of the most beautiful smiles anyone will ever encounter."

March 15, 2017
"Her FBSM is very sensual."

April 22, 2017
"She has her own unique style with a firm and sometimes a feather touch that I surrendered too and let it melt me onto the table."

April 25, 2017
"Amazing experience."

May 1, 2017
"She walk me through the steps and show me how to breathe as to keep everything under control..... it was magical, what a wonderful teacher she is....... to this day I still can control it with ease...... women that have been with me can thank Parvati for giving me this amazing skill to give them five orgasms before I have my first."

June 6, 2017
" of the most down-to-earth women you’ll ever meet."

June 27, 2017
"I had a wonderful time meeting you last week and I'm very glad we took the extra time to talk. It was so nice to have a real conversation with a real person, by that I mean someone who is proud of who they are and is willing to share their experiences, opinions and spiritual views, and I relate to that. I very much look forward to our next encounter."

June 29, 2017
"Seriously, she might be hotter than her pictures."

June 30, 2017
"Just wanted to say thanks again! Thanks for giving the best experience.. couldn't be better.. you're awesome!"

July 3, 2017
"Her technique is one of the most unique I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Slow rhythmic movements combined with breathing and eye contact make you feel like you are the most important person in her world at that moment."

July 14, 2017

July 16, 2017
"You should probably know, that you have very strong energy inside and around you. I was overwhelmed by your inner frequency. You are an amazing soul! Thank you again!"

November 20, 2017
"Parvati is very out front about the fact that she does not provide full service, so do not expect that. Instead, she provides a unique and wonderful companionship experience that, in my opinion, is not only completely satisfying but also quite possibly transcendental."

November 27, 2017
"Parvati has a charming and spiritual presence about her, and her lightness and calmness are enchanting."

December 28, 2017
"You made my day! It was a fantastic first meeting. Thank you! I totally enjoyed our banter throughout the session. You are a beautiful sexy lady. Both physically and intellectually. Looking forward to next time!"

December 30, 2017
"Thank you. I feel a little more alive."

January 27, 2018
"She is nude the entire time and has a smoking hot body. You shouldn't have trouble getting turned on by seeing her parade around you."

February 3, 2018
"I've seen her a few times now, and it's always a lovely experience. Always improves my mood 200%."

April 19, 2018
" of the most beautiful ladies, inside and out, that you will meet."

May 1st, 2018
"Great conversation and wonderful FBSM... we made a great connection."

May 20, 2018
"..slow with super intense satisfying middle.."

May 24, 2018
"I believe your touch to be magic."

July 2, 2018
"Everything superlative"

July 13, 2018
"...your touch makes my life better."

August 7, 2018
"If I may be so bold in my confession, I have never met a more beautiful or authentic (I know, an overused expression) woman, in all of my 67 years, save for my dear mother. You bring dreams to mankind, such elegance we never knew we so desired. And the world is so much more lovely for the kindness you so share."

October 3, 2018
"Very safe provider. She emphasize the need to read her web for expectations."

November 2, 2018
"Thank you for the joy and happiness you bring to the world."

November 6, 2018
"This was a truly spiritual experience..."

November 19, 2018
"Thank you again, you helped me remember important things about myself."

December 8, 2018
"...truly a heavenly experience."

January 5, 2019
"Parvati is one of my favorites and I will continue to see her again and again."

January 24, 2019
"She left me a changed man."

March 18, 2019
"She really helped my recent pain and was simply a delight to visit with. I'm definitely going to see her again soon."

March 26, 2019
"I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her gaze. I felt like she saw right into me, saw who I was inside, and accepted me for exactly who I was."

March 29, 2019
"The session was just absolutely incredible..."

April 14, 2019
"I walked into your sanctuary hiding behind self-shame, shyness and nervousness. Magically, all those self-walls have been broken one at a time. And, my wounded soul has been freed from its darkness. I was so happy that my mind, my soul and my body got to meet for the first time."

May 15, 2019
"...I was at ease the moment she opened the door."

June 23, 2019
"More than everything - I see Parvati for her voice and her presence around me in the dimly lit ambience of her incall. (Such a treasure close to downtown)"

June 23, 2019
"Parvati is one of the kind and a visit to her place is a visit to the Bahamas after being trapped in the desert for years: A return to life."

October 14, 2019
"I know it took years to finally meet her and spend a small amount of time with her but I sure can't wait to do it again."

January 19, 2020
"I could still feel the sensation of her sensual touch. It’s just an unforgettable experience. I wouldn’t have imagined anything better."

January 22, 2020
"This was my second visit with her and the attention she gave was 5 star."

April 5th 2020
"Without a doubt the most beautiful woman that I have ever had the pleasure of her company. I say that without reservation, because she has an inner peace that transcends physical boundaries."

April 6th 2020
"Saying she is Gorgeous would be putting it mildly."

April 12th 2020
"Parvati was the person who made me become a hobbiest many years ago (about 16 years). Her beauty was only outdone by her ability to discuss topics that were thought provoking and sexual. Only had one in person meeting with her, it was fantastic. You have been a very positive influence on everyone involved in this segment of our society. Hope we meet again some time in the future."

May 3rd, 2020
"Hope you’re well Parvati. Despite ten or eleven years I remember our get together well and fondly. It’s crazy how compelled I feel to reach out now. Despite the nature of our arrangements, I can’t help but feel a connection. Take care of yourself, you are a treasure to the community."

February 15, 2022
"…a ready smile and mad skills in the art of tease... I've literally ended up slapping myself in the side of the head and trying to tear out my hair at the end of fun time, she's just that good."

June 5th, 2022
"Parvati is such a beautiful soul and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Her."

February 7th, 2023
"Such a fun relaxing time!"

February 12th, 2023
"I don't really typically go for conversation but really enjoyed chatting with Parvati."

February 14th, 2023
"What an amazing lady…"

February 18th, 2023
"…she is amazing and very engaging. I was comfortable from the second I walked in the door."

February 27th, 2023
"Not your typical hobby experience, more like a temple session squared."

March 22nd, 2023
"Thank you again for yesterday. Excellent job aligning my chakras! I feel grounded again."

March 23rd, 2023
"Everything went as great as it could possibly go."

July 28th, 2023
"Amazing Experience."

September 4th, 2023
"Such a beautiful soul"

October 9th, 2023
"A sublime evening with the exceptional Ms. Parvati"

November 12th, 2023
"I slept better than I have in quite sometime. And my energy has been clearer since our session."

November 17th, 2023
"I met her for the first time and the reviews are true. She provided a great experience and is a kind and intelligent soul."

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